%60 You can avoid premature bearing damage.


Bad Assembly

Approximately the reason for sixteen percent of earlier bearing damage is improper assembly for bearing and  be unaware of  true assembly appliances.True and proper assembly and  dismantling  is  done depending on the application with mechanic, hydraulic or  thermal methods.SKF with wide knowledge,practicing  at maintenance engineering ,presents   appliances and equipments at  wide range of products  which  do these processes easier,faster and  more cost effective .Professional assembly  with  using  special  technics  and appliances  at  increasing  machine  operating  time is  too important step.


Insufficient Lubrication

Normally,bearings with gasket  cover do not need  lubrication  forever.Approximately the reason for thirty six percent of earlier bearing damage is wrong  lubricator  and insufficient  lubrication.Bearing  with lubrication problem  is damaged  long  before  than calculated  normal life.Bearing  which are   the most difficult machine elements to reach generally,neglected  lubrication  process  causes  further   problem.In case of lubrication with hand  is not  practicable,SKF  fully  automatic  lubrication systems can be used for optimum lubrication.Effective  lubrication  with  using  suggested SKF grease,appliances and methods decreases machine  stop  time highly.



Bearing  is also itself and lubricator is machine element,not  possible to work  efficiently  without protection against pollution. Rate of bearings with gasket cover  and grease is very small among all bearings.The reason for fourteen percent of earlier  bearing  damage is problems about pollution.SKF has  unrivaled  bearing production and design ability.SKF also can present  special  impermeability  solutions for  most difficult  working conditions.



In case of machine overlading, Earlier bearing damage and their results appears for approximately thirty four percent uncared or neglected bearings.Neglected or overloaded bearing gives an earlier warning signal to protect sudden ve unexpected  bearing damage.SKF bearing family about this subject contains handheld devices which provide monitoring important working parameters continously.