You should help your bearings to reach maximum lifespan.

There is calculated lifetime  for each bearing.Additionally,researches indicate that each bearing does not reach this lifetime.The most important stages which have basic effect  on bearing lifetime,can be seen easily  during  life cycle of one bearing.These stages are assembly and pre-lubrication,adjustment,re-lubrication, status monitoring systems and  disassembly.
These stages which are at bearing cycle,are too important for supplying maximum bearing  lifetime.You can  increasing  bearing  life  with practicing true maintenance plan and using  true assembly and disassembly appliances.You can also increase your  workshop’s efficiency and productivity.

Assembly and Lubrication

This subject contains mechanic assembly appliances,induction heaters and hydraulic equipments.Assembly  is  the most critical stage of bearing life cycle.

If  bearing is not assembled properly  with true method and appliances,bearing life will be decreased naturally.Lubrication is also  important stage of assembly process.

Choosing  proper  grease  for  optimum  performance is critical.In addition to these,using true grease amount and proper lubrication method  will  affect  bearing life positively.

Laser Axis Adjusment

This subject contains shaft and pulley axis adjustment systems

For example;like connecting enine to pump,After assembly for bearing,necessary axial adjustment  processes should be made at any practicing.If  axial  adjustments are not  done correctly,result of improper adjustment,bearing can suffer additional loads,vibration and friction are  increased.These events ,accelerating  fatique cycle,decrease life of bearing and other machine elements. Additionally,increasing vibration and  friction  energy  consumption is   at  significant  rate,cause  erarlier bering damage.


It contains bearing grease,manual and automatic lubricators and accessories of lubrication.

On operating time,for optimum performance,bearing should be re-lubricated correctly.Choosing correct grease for practicing and delivery with correct amount  at correct period is obligatory to take advantage of bearing life.In addition to this, lubrication  method  contributes  to optimize bearing  life.From single  point  or     multi-point,lubricating  forever  with automatic  lubricators provide  more stable,more correct amount  than manual lubrication methods and  lubrication which is free of pollutants.

Basic Condition Monitoring Systems

It contains temperature,noise,speed and vibration measuring appliances.

At working time,measuring basic machine status monitoring parameters like temperature,vibration and  noise is important.Possible problems are detected  with these  regular checks  at  earlier stage,prevent unplanned machine stop.As a result,maintenance plan is arranged considering  producing  status.In this way, workshop efficieny and  productivity  are  increased.


It includes both hydraulic and mechanical puller, induction heaters and hydraulic equipment.

At some point, the bearing completes its operating life and needs to be replaced. Even if the bearing is not reused, the correct disassembly is extremely important for the life of the bearing to be replaced. First, the proper removal method and the use of tools prevent damage to other machine elements such as bearings and bearings that do not change frequently. Second, unsuitable removal techniques may pose a danger to the operator.